Your Vote is Your Voice picture of Sami speaking through bullhorn
I have one vote, as you do. Missing to vote in this election means other voters will be making important decisions on your behalf. Your vote is your voice so if you haven’t cast your ballot, I am hoping to share with you how improtant it is for me that you vote and who and what votes I recommend you considering to cast.

I want to ask you for your support for our common values by voting for better and just community and country. Your midterms general election ballots should be dropped or postmarked by or before Tuesday November 8th, 8pm.

There are many of great leaders who I trust will lead our communities, state, and country. They have my full confidence that they will listen to us and will prioritize protecting democracy, public schools, security in housing and healthcare access, and just making our country better and stronger.

U.S. Presidency is not on the ballot. But many things are. Here is my list of endorsements if you have not yet made your mind about who to support:

✅ State Initiatives (if approved, they become laws)

Voters will be able to vote on making healthcare access a human right, abolishing slavery from Oregon’s constitution, holding legislators accountable to show up, and making the community safer by closing gun possession loopholes.

This is why I strongly recomend voting YES for Oregon Measures 111, 112, 113,114.

✅ U.S. Congress – House and Senate

Sami Al-Abdrabbuh with Jamie McLoed-Skinner and her father and Congresswomen Judy Chu

Oregon is in a great place to have great Val Hoyle and Ron Wyden and Sami Al-Abdrabbuhcongressional representation with Andrea Salinas, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Val Hoyle who are running for open seats to join Earl Blumenauer and Suzanne Bonamici in Congress.
Please mark your ballot for the candidate who is running for your congressional district in addition to supporting Ron Wyden who is running for re-election. He listens, he shows up to every county at least once a year through a public and open town hall forum. He have done a 1000 and he listened to me speaking up when no one would listen. He listened to me speaking up about protecting minorities from discrimination after I walked all the way from Corvallis to his townhall in Philomath high school protesting the violance against Muslim and women of Color in public transportation in Oregon. He listened when I join many community memebrs who spoke up about the shameful actions that we started learning  about the former President at the beginning of his Presidency. Senator Wyden was always gracious with his time and thoughtful with his answers and actions. I know that Senator Wyden along with our members of Congress Blumenauer and Bonamici and future members Hoyle, McLoed-Skinner, and Salinas will stand up to protect our democratic institutions and will listen to us. They have my full support in this election and I hope you support them.

✅ Oregon Governor

Tina Kotek with Sami Al-Abdrabbuh, County Commissioner Nancy Wyse, and City councilor Andrew StruthersTina Kotek is the only choice I support among three choices we have on the ballot. Tina is respectful, firm, determined, knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to listen. Her story is nothing short of inspiring and fills me with hope that Oregon will better serve all of its all of people, businesses, and help protect its environment and natural resources for many generations to follow. I can’t over-emphasize how I beleive Tina is the right and only choice to support a functioning and effective state Government and will lead with respect to all. If the polls prove to be of any decent level of accuracy, this election may be won by a few votes. Yours along with a handful others may make the difference in the future of our State.

✅ Oregon Labor Commissioner

Christina Stephenson

✅ State Legislators, County, and Municipalities

Here is a list of folks who I know and have full confidence in their ability to support you when you reach out to them.

Corvallis, Albany, Philomath, and Oregon Coast:

State Senator

Sara Gelser

State Rep –  Dan Rayfield and David Gomberg

Corvallis Mayor – Andrew Struthers is my 1st choice for Corvallis Mayor. Andrew brings consensus and focus on moving the City forward with practical and inclusive solutions. He is my favorite and first choice and I endorse him enthusiastically with respect and appreciation for the other two candidates former councilors Roen Hogg and Charles Maughan who will undoubtedly are good choices for Mayor. I recomend that you consider both as well. The level of qualification all candidates bring made it hard decision for me to identify my second and third choices on the Ranked Choice Ballot.

Albany Mayor – Alex Johnson II

Philomath Mayor – Chas Jones

Coos County:

Melissa Cribbins for Commissioner


Annessa Hartman for State Rep


Paul Evans for State Rep

Wilsonville, Sherwood, King City, part of Tigard, and unincorporated areas in Yamhill Co east of Newberg:

Courtney Neron for House District 26


Anthony Medina for State Rep

Clackamas, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, and Oregon City:

Janelle Bynum

Thank you for considering my endorsements. I may have forgotten a few and will follow up with this post if I did. Feel free to call me at 541-283-6611 if you have any questions and I will be very happy to answer them. If you leave me a voicemail, I will call back promptly with answers to your voting questions.

Finally, I want to thank the 6,080 voters who cast their vote for me during the nomination proccess for U.S. Congress during the May Primary. I ask you to join me in enthusiastically voting for our Democratic nominee Val Hoyle for Congress.  My gratitude to the 521 individuals who contributed anywhere between $1 to $2,900 supporting my campaign and our shared values. I want to take this oppurtunity to thank you again and promise you to continue this work. I’m also forever grateful for Congressman Peter DeFazio who represented our district for 36 years- the entirity of my lifetime. I am fortunate to have worked with him briefly in making a few constituent referrals that gave me deep gratitude for our system of representative democracy. I’m reflecting on the good work Peter made in our communities and country. With the support of an outstanding team of volunteers, I have been fortunate to contact more than thirty three thousand voters this year alone. Among them was a mother of a veteran constituent who desperately needed physical and mental health support. We were able to connect her with our Congressman. While I felt very frustrated about the injustices and systemic failures that led her not getting the support for her child until I called asking for her vote, I am forever grateful for our system of representative democracy that made me hear stories like hers and connect them with available resources.

Special thank you to all those volunteered for my campaign in the May Primary election, to all candidates who ran or are running in this cycle and to their families and campaign volunteers. Thank you for keeping the faith in our representative democracy. Now, let’s make sure we do our part and cast our ballots and encourage all those around us to do the same. Someone you know around you may just need a small nudge and reminder for them to cast their ballot.

In solidarity,